Mission Statement

  • The Asian NIR Consortium (ANC) is a private, non-profit international organization committed to promote education, research and applications related to near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) among Asian countries. Special emphasis is to be placed on the exchange of NIRS applications related to food, art and daily life, which are unique in Asian culture.
  • At present, the Consortium consists of five member countries: China, India, Japan, Korea and Thailand. In the future, we plan to encourage membership from other Asian countries as well.
  • Although NIRS research and application in Asia are more concentrated in the present member countries, the ANC looks forward to the expansion of NIRS throughout Asia in the near future.

Related Events

18-21st October, 2021

will be held online, host country is China
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Latest news

Obituary for Karl Norris

Karl Norris passed away on 17 July 2019 aged 98. We all know how much we personally owe Karl for his massive contributions to NIR spectroscopy. He is rightly known as the father of NIR spectroscopy.
We pray that his soul may rest in peace