Mission of the ANC

The specific missions of the ANC are:
  1. To organize the Asian NIR Symposium in a member country every two years.
  2. To have full Proceedings distributed during the Symposium.
  3. To promote the transferring of knowledge and know-how on NIRS among Asian countries.
  4. To support any International Conference of NIRS that will be organized in Asia.
The missions that relate to the biennial international conference have particular relevance to the support of students and young scientists, so that they are able to:
  1. Participate in international events using a limited budget.
  2. Present their work either orally or in a poster, and to write a manuscript using English.

Constitution of the ANC

The constitution of the ANC was proposed and accepted during the establishment of the ANC; the meeting was held during the Japan-Korea Joint symposium on NIRS at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea on 28 June 2006.

On November 9, 2008, the constitution was amended by the Executive Board at Hotel Grand Shinonome, Tsukuba city, Japan.

Download the amended constitution